A word from the coordinator

Because 250 to 350 infants still die each year in France from sudden unexpected infant death (SUID), and because SUID remains the leading cause of infant mortality in our country for children under one year of age, we felt it was our duty to set up a SUID registry with a triple objective:

  • To obtain precise and exhaustive epidemiological data
  • To identify of new risk factors for SUID
  • To develop scientific research in the field of SUID

In the medium term, the goal is to generate and update prevention messages for the general public and healthcare professionals, to improve the care of families and deceased children, and to advance scientific research in the field of SUID.

“A better understanding of SUID to better prevent them”

Doctor Karine LEVIEUX


The SUID registry

The Nantes University Hospital in collaboration with the National Association of Referral Centers for Sudden Unexpected Infant Death (ANCReMIN) set up in May 2015, the SUID registry.

This brings together the French referral centers taking care of children who died of sudden unexpected infant death in France. This registry therefore covers the entire French territory, including the overseas territories.

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