French registry of SUDI – Key Data

On the occasion of the National Prevention Week on Sudden Unexpected Death in Infancy in France, which will be held from September 19 to 23, the French Registry of SUDI presents its key data.

These figures are based on the data of the cases of sudden unexpected infant death recorded in the registry between May 2015 and June 2021.

Continued prevention by health and early childhood professionals and the tireless work of researchers are two major points for a rapid decrease in these alarming numbers.

This poster was created in collaboration with the Pays de la Loire Regional Health Observatory.

The press is talking about us!

Research published in The Lancet has recently revealed a constant increase in the rate of infant mortality among children under 1 year of age in France over the past decade.

On this occasion, the French registry of SUDI team was asked by three newspapers to present the missions of the registry, which is an essential tool to try to understand this increase in infant mortality in France. Indeed, data and samples from the registry are made available to research teams in order to answer research hypotheses that could explain these alarming figures.

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French National Sudden Unexpected Death in Infancy Prevention Week

From September 19 to 23, the referral centers of sudden unexpected death in infancy (CRMIN) and parents’ associations mobilized for the national prevention week on sudden unexpected death in infancy.

This is an opportunity for everyone to exchange on the risk factors of SUDI and to remember good sleeping practices.

The program in the CRMINs includes conferences, distribution of flyers, information points in maternity and pediatric departments, quizzes, displays, and interventions by tobacco specialists. …..


French registry of SUDI data available on Geodes

Santé Publique France asked the coordination members of the French registry of SUDI for the dissemination of data to the general public (number of SUDI deaths by region, SUDI death rate by department,…).

This release was finalized in September 2022 and is now visible on the platform ” GEO DONNEES EN SANTE PUBLIQUE – Géodes” .

A lot of information about MIN is also available on the Santé Publique France website.

Launch of BIOMINRISK research project

The Nantes University Hospital has just obtained funding from the Mutuelles AXA to carry out a large-scale research project over the next 3 years based on data and samples from the OMIN registry.

This project is led by Dr Fleur LORTON, pediatrician at the pediatric emergency department of the CHU.

The objective of the BIOMINRISK research project is to identify new biological markers of SUDI for a better understanding of its mechanisms around three axes: genetic, neurobiological and radio-anatomical. Ultimately, the BIOMINRISK project aims to reduce the number of avoidable deaths related to SUDI in France and in other countries through personalized prevention actions made possible by these new biomarkers.

Regular communications will be made to inform on the progress of this project.